February 11, 2019 in News & Events | by Scott Wood

Partnering to Benefit Our Clients: The True North Advisors and Western Research & Management Combination

The partnership between True North Advisors and Western Research & Management has been in the works for some time. Our discussion began four years ago while the firms worked together on several investments to benefit high net worth clients. Geographically, both companies serve high net worth... Read More

February 07, 2019 in Entrepreneurship | by Scott Wood

3 Strategic Financial Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Entrepreneurs are unique. Aside from the significant risks that entrepreneurs take to get their businesses off the ground, entrepreneurs possess a different makeup. To be successful, entrepreneurs need to have passion, be self-starters, and have a vision for their futures and the futures of their... Read More

February 05, 2019 in Five, Five, Five | by Scott Wood

February 555: Return Expectations, College Insurance Plans, and Fiduciary Advice

In this edition of the 555, we take a look into the fears of an extended bull market, how the generation you fall in affects your market expectations, and why you need to consider an insurance plan when your kids leave for college. Enjoy!  Read More

January 30, 2019 in Year in Review | by Scott Wood

Our Take on the 2018 Market Performance

While markets finished meaningfully down in 2018, looking solely at the year-end numbers masks some important facts. We've summarized some of the key factors that caused the dip in the market, and a few comments on our perspective moving forward.  Read More

January 05, 2019 | by Scott Wood

January 555: Asset Return Anomalies, Planning Thoughts for 2019, and the Secret Ingredient to Success

Our January edition of the 5,5,5 covers the 2018 anomaly of a diversified-asset portfolio return, some financial planning thoughts to get you ready for 2019, and our most recent volunteer experience with Community Partners of Dallas. Enjoy!   Read More

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2018 03 Market Recap