October 24, 2016 in Five, Five, Five | by Scott Wood

Money Market, Family Limited Partnerships, Cyber Security, and more

1. MONEY MARKET UPDATE On October 14th, most money market funds (prime funds) will no longer be able to fix share prices at $1. They will be required to let the share price float based on the performance of the underlying short term fixed income securities. This lack of guaranteed stability is... Read More

September 25, 2016 in Five, Five, Five | by Scott Wood

The Market and the Election, Income vs. Total Return and more

1. THE MARKET AND 2016 ELECTION Most people wonder what the election means for the market, but the more interesting question is what does the market mean for the election. Since 1928, the market has predicted the winning party in 19 of 22 elections. When the market rises in the three months leading... Read More

August 05, 2016 in Five, Five, Five | by Scott Wood

Defensive Bond Allocation, Reducing Equity Exposure, MLPs, and more

1. DEFENSIVE BOND ALLOCATION The 10 year US Treasury yield hit an all-time low of 1.37% in July, even lower than levels reached at the height of the Fed’s quantitative easing measures of the past few years. While low in absolute terms, domestic yields are relatively attractive as continued global... Read More

July 05, 2016 in Five, Five, Five | by Scott Wood

Brexit, Voice ID, The Power of An Estate Plan, and More

We hope you had a wonderful fourth of July weekend, celebrating the freedom and independence we have in this great country. As a new month starts, it's time for the Five, Five, Five: five current updates, that you can read in five minutes or less, sent on the fifth day of each month. 1. BREXIT... Read More

June 05, 2016 in Five, Five, Five | by Dhruv Maniktala

Introducing the Five, Five, Five (Spring Investment Commentary 2016)

We understand you are busy with careers, families, businesses, travel, and hobbies. We also understand that the amount of information thrown your way through news sites, emails, social media, and blogs can be overwhelming at times. Read More

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